HANDBOEK [Nederlands]

Het Verborgen Scenario

Na verschillende uitgaves in andere talen, is er nu eindelijk een Nederlands handboek waarin de geprezen Story-Based Inquiry methode wordt uitgelegd. Het verborgen scenario bevat de belangrijkste inzichten uit de vorige handboeken aangevuld met nieuwe.
Luuk Sengers en Mark Lee Hunter, Het verborgen scenario. Onderzoeksverhalen plannen en structureren, Story-Based Inquiry Associates, Utrecht 2017 ISBN 978-90-826622-0-7 | Pagina's: 64 | Format: PDF | Language: Dutch | Prijs:  € 10,00
MANUAL [English and other languages]

Story-Based Inquiry

Translated into more than a dozen languages and used in journalism centers and schools around the world, this handbook redefined the transmission of investigative journalism skills.
Mark Lee Hunter (ed.), Story-Based Inquiry. A Manual for Investigative Journalists, Unesco, 2009 ISBN: 9-789231-041891 | Pages: 87 | Format: PDF | English - Other languages available on the Unesco site.


The Global Investigative Journalism Casebook

In this anthology, published by Unesco, twenty award-winning investigative journalists from four continents show the best of current practice, and describe in detail their research, organisation and writing methods. Instructive and inspiring for both students and teachers.
Mark Lee Hunter (ed.), The Global Investigative Journalism Casebook. Unesco Series on Journalism Education, Unesco, 2012 ISBN: 978-92-3-001089-8| Pages: 256 | Format: PDF
HANDBOOK [English]

The Hidden Scenario

The Hidden Scenario goes beyond Story-Based Inquiry into our recent research on making and using timelines and soucemaps.
After turning an idea into a verifiable hypothesis, we show how to turn the hypothesis into a scenario, the scenario into a research database including potential sources, and the research into powerful scenes.
Luuk Sengers and Mark Lee Hunter, The Hidden Scenario. Plotting and Outlining Investigative Stories, The Centre for Investigative Journalism, London 2012 Pages: 44 | Format: PDF | Language: English | Price:  € 4,40 
HANDBOOK [English]

The Story Tells the Facts

This manual addresses storytelling techniques for writers and filmmakers, showing how a research database can be transformed into a narrative structure. Next, it delves into specific narrative devices, and shows how they add value for the audience and the producer. “The Story Tells the Facts. Structuring and Composing Investigative Narratives” shows you how to compose a story that hits hard and fast, and builds to a powerful end.
Mark Lee Hunter and Luuk Sengers, The Story Tells the Facts. Structuring and Composing Investigative Narratives, The Centre for Investigative Journalism, London 2013 Pages: 68 | Format: PDF | Language: English | Price:  € 5,00
HANDBUCH [Deutsch]

Drehbuch der Recherche

Das Drehbuch der Recherche ist die deutschsprachige Fassung des Handbuchs “The Hidden Scenario”, basierend auf dem Grundlagenwerk zum strukturierten Recherchieren „Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists“ von Mark Lee Hunter und Luuk Sengers. Der darin beschriebene systematische Ansatz erleichtert Journalisten das investigative Arbeiten.
Luuk Sengers und Mark Lee Hunter, Drehbuch der Recherche. Das verborgene Szenario, Netzwerk Recherche, nr Werkstatt 25, Seiten: 92 | Datei: PDF

Teaching Guide for Investigative Journalism

For the first time, investigative journalism professors can begin their work in the field equipped with a full-fledged teaching guide. The Modern Investigative Journalism curriculum goes beyond what to teach: it helps beginning instructors in the field to see how to teach it.
Mark Lee Hunter and Luuk Sengers, with Marcus Lindemann, Modern Investigative Journalism. A Comprehensive Curriculum Based on the ARIJ Method, ARIJ 2019, Pages: 203 | Format: PDF | English