Investigative Journalist & Lecturer

I write articles for the leading Dutch magazine De Groene Amsterdammer and I teach investigative techniques to professionals and students. I am part of the international Story-Based Inquiry team that develops methods and training for the growing community of investigative journalists. Click here for a comprehensive biography.


I have trained thousands of journalists and other professionals in data journalism, interview techniques, and in managing and writing investigations. Alone or with colleagues from Story-Based Inquiry I provide webinars, in-company trainings, academic courses, guest lectures, seminars and workshops. Click here for an up to date overview of courses and presentations.


I combine my experience as an economics reporter with data skills to investigate the impact of corporations on our health, the environment and the climate. Since 2017 my articles appear in De Groene Amsterdammer. In our latest story we show that many pig and chicken farmers lie about the number of animals in their stalls to save money. The fact that people and the environment suffer as a result does not bother them. Click here for a complete list of articles.


Practitioners and scholars call our manuals and handbooks “brilliant” and “important contributions”. Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists (2009), for example, is published by UNESCO in all major languages and Het verborgen scenario (2017) is the most commonly used manual for investigative journalists and NGO investigators in The Netherlands. Click here for the bookstore.